600W LED Powerful Flashlight USB Recharge

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Product Details

🔥🔥1000000LM 600W LED full platform first dual battery ultra long distance zoom


This flashlight adopts the newly upgraded 600WLED long-range spotlight wick, which has a wide irradiation range, a limit irradiation distance of 5000M har is stronger than XHP360LED. Detachable 2*18650/2*26650 battery design, maximum 12000mAh, the usage time is twice as long as the general single-section long-range flashlight, super standby! Aluminum alloy material and wear-resistant coating design, do not worry about wear. 4 hours fast charging. The sealed zoom technology of the lamp head effectively isolates the rainwater from entering the lens. Perfect for work, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.

Product Details:
Material: aviation aluminum alloy
Wick: 60WLED long-beam spotlight
Lighting distance: super far 

Light Mode: Strong-Weak-Flash
Size: 25*5.6*3.5CM
Weight: 450g
Battery: 2*18650 battery / 2*26650 battery
Charging time: 3~4 hours
Use time: 6~10 hours
Charging type: USB fast charge
Zoom mode: telescopic zoom
Flashlight type: family, hunting, patrol, fishing, maintenance, work, search and rescue, etc.



There are different kits in the kit. Please select the correct kit before paying for it. It is recommended to purchase the 26650 battery kit.

3 light modes:
Strong light-low light-strobe

The flashlight adopts the latest detachable battery case design.
The flashlight is equipped with 2 battery installation pipes, we can install 1/2 batteries according to our own needs.

The flashlight adopts USB fast charging design.
It only takes 4 hours to charge, and the flashlight can be charged with a mobile phone charger.

High power batteries
2*18650 or 2*26650 battery.It is recommended to buy a 26650 battery, which can store more power.


<5 modes >
High Light-Medium Light-Low Light-Stroboscopic-SOS.Long press the button to turn off the light directly, no need to open all modes, it is more convenient to turn off the light

High power batteries
1*18650 or 1*26650 battery.It is recommended to buy a 26650 battery, which can store more power.

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